National publishers aren’t thrilled with the results from Google’s AMP, according to a recent article by the Wall Street Journal.

The Wall Street Journal talked to several different publishers for the article, many of who refrained from speaking on the record for fear that Google “might turn some knob that hurts the company.”

The main criticism from publishers is with the upcoming expansion of AMP search results. They say their AMP pages do not generate the same amount of ad revenue as their mobile websites.

Google’s Richard Gingras, the vice president of news, was interviewed in the story as well saying, “We want to drive the ecosystem forward, but obviously, these things don’t happen overnight. The objective of AMP is to have it drive more revenue for publishers than non-AMP pages. We’re not there yet.”

Publishers who were happy to speak on the record with the WSJ said they were “generally happy with AMP” as they have seen the shift in traffic from mobile to AMP. The article also cited that CNN has seen an 80% increase in AMP traffic since September with 20% of their search traffic now goes to AMP.