Google wrote on their blog this morning that they are going to give AMP pages “expanded exposure” in Google’s Mobile Search Results.

To quote Google directly:

Later this year, all types of sites that create AMP pages will have expanded exposure across the entire Google Mobile Search results page, like e-commerce, entertainment, travel, recipe sites and many more.

Google said they will continue to post pointers in the next few weeks to help you move your website to AMP or you can follow the #AMPlify hashtag on Twitter and Google Plus.

Last month, Google announced that AMP pages will receive a special markup within the search results – so they obviously are expanding this feature for mobile devices.

What does the “expanded exposure” mean? That answer isn’t really clear – yet. AMP news content already appears in a scrolling carousel, is that going to appear for non-news searches?

We’ve tackled this topic several times this past year on the podcast. Most recently, we talked about AMP with Michael King of iPullRank. Hear to our full podcast with Michael here, or watch the video below to hear his thoughts on AMP.