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#EDGETALK : Michael King – Founder/Managing Director of iPullRank

Michael King, Founder and Managing Director of iPullRank, joins us on the podcast this week to discuss a new report released by his company called the Vector Report. This report looked at the INC500 and then reranked the five companies based on how well they are doing at SEO. This report is based on many points including keyword visibility, backlink profile, trust metrics, spam scores, and more!

Plus, Michael has some strong opinions on AMP. With some of the latest news on AMP, Michael wanted to get some thoughts on AMP off of his chest. Should businesses be investing in AMP? Hear what Michael has to say about AMP.

Some other topics we cover:

Michael’s first daughter was born a month ago, so we wanted to talk to Mike about how his daughter Zora is doing and get fatherhood tips for Tom – who’s about to experience the same thing in a few weeks.

Also, the day before our recording, Moz announced that they are laying off 28% of their workforce. The news kind of shook the SEO industry and we had a good discussion as for what it means for our industry.

We cover these topics & more all today on the EDGE!