O Captain! My Captain!

Welcome back to the EDGE!  Google is accused of sending a $2.3 million check to successfully avoid a jury trial in their antitrust lawsuit. This payment has secured Google a Judges approval on a bench trial, causing a major setback to the Justice Department’s antitrust push against Big Tech.

Reddit is revamping its comment stream ad placement with hopes to increase reachability to users. The updated ads will be larger and appear inside of conversation threads to reach users at the highest engagement level.

Google Ads is phasing out credit and debit card payments for advertisers. By July 31st, advertisers must attach a bank account and follow a monthly invoice payment format. This move is supposed to only affect high-growth accounts, but the spend thresholds have not yet been released.

Plus, Mordy unleashes all of his frustrations in an all new segment ‘Captain Obvious’.

Keep riding the SEO wave with us as we give you all you should know about SEO and digital marketing this week on the EDGE of the Web!

News from the EDGE:

Captain Obvious: 

  • [00:18:07] You can’t have product or service differentiation unless you are actually different in some way.

AI News:

  • [00:21:35] Spotify announces an in-house creative agency, tests generative AI voiceover ads
  • [00:23:15] Color and OpenAI tackle AI cancer care

AI Tools:

  • [00:25:20] Researchers teach AI to speak dogs?

Barry Blast from Search Engine Roundtable:

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