EDGE of the Web is a weekly, hour-long SEO and Digital Marketing podcast hosted by Erin Sparks from Site Strategics.

  • Episode 662: Local SEO and Google SGE w/ Greg Gifford

662 | Local SEO and Google SGE w/ Greg Gifford

By |February 15th, 2024|Interview, podcast|

Unveil local SEO myths with Greg Gifford & Erin Sparks. Learn pitfalls in Google Business Profile setup & get SGE insights. Master local SEO on EDGE of the Web!

  • Episode 548: News from November 21st, 2022

548 | News from the EDGE | Week of 11.21.2022

By |November 23rd, 2022|News, podcast|

Thanksgiving Edition of EDGE of the Web, looking at tech layoffs, ticketmaster debacle, importance of reviews, and the Google Gide to Search Ranking Systems.

  • Episode 546: News from November 14th, 2022

546 | News from the EDGE | Week of 11.14.2022

By |November 17th, 2022|News, podcast|

Covering 4 articles including news on increased Cost-Per-Leads, Twitter demolishing 80% of its contractor work force, and how to prepare for your GBP reviews vanishing!