Barriers SEO’s Can Overcome

Looking to explore the capabilities of structured data? Interested in developing and understanding the concept of schema? Guest Daniel K. Cheung is welcomed onto the show to discuss his recent embarkment into the proliferate world of schema. Enjoy as host Erin Sparks and Daniel enter a rabbit hole in the discussion of Nested Schema, Semantic SEO, Entity Maps, and more on this exciting episode of the EDGE!

Key Segments

[00:02:58] Introducing Semantic SEO Consultant, Daniel Cheung

[00:10:13] Evolution of SEO: How Google Operates Beyond Keywords

[00:13:44] Why are SEO’s Struggling to Adapt to Structured Data?

[00:16:47] Entity Maps of Schema Markup

[00:21:37] Nested Schema and Where to Use It

[00:26:02] What is the Importance of the About Property in Schema?

[00:32:45] What to Avoid Mentioning in Schema Markup

[00:35:22] Difference Between Significant Links and Relevant Links

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