Edge of the Web started on the local airwaves in Indianapolis on February 4, 2012. We’ve come a long way in the 4+ years and are now broadcasting in our own studio!

And nothing goes better with your 200th episode than some steak, and Prime 47 stepped up and delivered! In this special episode of Edge of the Web, we broke away from our typical show format and reflected on some of the best moments over the past 200 episodes.

First off, we had to recognized the awesomeness that Prime 47 delivered for our 200th show. They brought the EdgeTalk crew filet mignon sliders (on a pretzel bun!), lobster mac and cheese, and shrimp cocktail. The food was delicious and we couldn’t thank Prime 47 enough for celebrating episode 200.

Then we shake things up a bit for the rest of the show and go over the show’s best moments and even take a chance to interview each other.