Going Over the EDGE with the Most Epic Fails

EDGE of the Web is proud to bring you some epic fails shared by friends of the show.  We wanted to lean into the 500, seeing that the server error code 500 is a bad thing, any way you cut it.  We reached out to our guests of the past and asked them to share one of their worst screw-ups in SEO and digital marketing, the ones they really learned from.  We wanted to share these with our listeners so you can learn too!  Thanks so much to all of our listeners and guests over the 10 years and 500 episodes.  We really are blessed to be able to do this and learn from the best.  Special thanks to our 500th episode sponsor, Ahrefs!  Check out their free tool at edgeofthewebradio.com/AWT.

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Check out some great Epic Fails from our friends:

Thanks to everyone who has helped us over the years!

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