This week Marco Bonomo, SEO Specialist at Mediacom, joined us as our featured guest on EDGE of the Web to discuss Google jobs and internal site search optimization. Marco is involved in SEO strategy planning and technical SEO for leading e-commerce and governmental websites, focusing on the UK. This show is so unique because EDGE has not had a previous show that had deep-dived into the tactic of internal site search. Tune in to EDGE of the Web episode 360 to learn more about optimization of internal site search and optimizing job postings on Google!

Key topics discussed during the show:

  • Internal Site Search
    • Performed Site Search
    • Analyzing Internal Search Flow in GA
    • Using GTM to Unveil Zero-Result Search Queries
  • Google for Jobs Optimization
    • Benefits to Job Seekers & Employers
    • JobPosting Schema Markup
    • How to Rank in Google for Jobs