Benjamin Shapiro, host of The MarTech podcast and Voices of Search podcast joins us to discuss key items that every podcaster should know when growing their podcast.  Discussed are key points list:

  • How Benjamin got the MarTech podcast started.
  • What are the first steps in growing your podcast?
  • What does content curation mean and what does it mean for your podcast?
  • How long should a podcast be?
  • How does podcast advertising affect growth?

Part 2 of our interview with podcast entrepreneur, Benjamin Shapiro, host of the MarTech podcast and Voices of Search podcast.  In Part 1 we covered podcast growth techniques.  In Part 2 of our interview, we cover the major points of the monetization of a podcast.  We cover:

  • How do you get a sponsor for your podcast?
  • What are good models for advertising rates on a podcast?
  • How does frequency play into podcast sponsorships?
  • What should advertisers know when starting to advertise on podcasts?
  • Is CPM going away as a podcast advertising model?