Transparency & Trust: Building Content Google Loves

Welcome to another episode from EDGE of the Web, where we dive deep into the world of E-E-A-T and how that amplifies content into being viewed as valuable in the eyes of Google. We have an exceptional guest joining us for round 2, Michael Lewittes, the founder and CEO of Ranktify. We explore Michael’s unique insights into the evolving landscape of search engine optimization referencing his experiences in the media industry. Don’t miss this week’s interview to uncover the benefits of transparency and highlighting subject matter expertise in your content to ensure you stay visible to your audience!

Key Segments

[00:03:54] Introducing Michael Lewittes

[00:10:28] The Importance of Truth in Being a Referencable Source


[00:17:04] The Value of EEAT in Content

[00:23:28] EDGE of the Web Sponsor: SERanking

[00:26:22] Subject Matter Experts Create Content Authority