If your business or client’s business gets all of it’s customers from a localized area- how do you go about optimizing your website to cater to just your city and neighborhoods? What does your local reputation have to do with your ability to drive traffic to your pages and close deals? Google’s monopolistic stranglehold on #LocalSearch can be frustrating, but there’s still lots businesses can do.Our guest today is Mike Blumenthal, a.k.a. “Professor Maps,” is a leading expert on all things related to Local Search, including reputation. He is ready to share his insight about reputation and its impact on businesses in the post-Amazon economy.

Mike was the founding partner of GatherUp, which is a computer software that helps businesses provide better customer experience through customer reviews and feedback! 

Mike also co-founded LocalU, where he works on weekly podcasts and newsletters to help plan conferences and moderate the forums! Mike is actively publishing content across his own personal blog, industry websites, at conferences and on social media.