The World Says NO to Google AI in Search

Are you curious about Google’s latest moves in SEO and AI? This week on EDGE of the Web, host Erin Sparks and show producer Jacob Mann explore articles that reveal Google’s strategies and advancements in these ever-evolving fields.

Google’s helpful content system might be changing a bit. The recent update folds helpfulness signals into their core ranking algorithm, making them page-level considerations. This means content on individual pages will be judged for its value to users, with some influence still coming from overall site authority.  The takeaway? Focus on showcasing your expertise and building trust with transparency!

Erin and Jacob also discuss Search Engine Land’s 2024 Search Advertising Benchmarks report, which reveals rising costs and declining conversion rates.  The average cost-per-click (CPC) increased by 10% across most industries, with some sectors experiencing even steeper hikes.  Conversion rates also dipped slightly, falling to 6.96% on average.

Another topic discussed is outlining the struggle with unwanted content appearing in Google’s AI overviews. This GSQI blog post offers a solution! While completely opting out isn’t possible, the article explores using “preview controls” like nosnippet and max-snippet. These tools allow you to limit or remove specific content from being displayed in the AI Overviews, ensuring your audience sees the information you want them to.

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