Covering a lot of (Site)Ground here on the show today with Erin Sparks and Mordy Oberstein.  Learning about the carbon emission expense of IndexNow, SiteGround sites being deindexed from a 4-day DNS outage and how machine written content may not be so bad in the future.  Bonus on this episode: see Erin lose it when Mordy calls our toll-free number for the podcast. That’s conversion optimization, baby!

[00:06:11] Will Google use Microsoft’s new IndexNow protocol?

[00:11:30] A four-day outage at SiteGround is over, but still recovering. But Google dropping indexing in that short of time?

[00:18:15] So Google has talked about how machine written content is currently against Google’s guidelines, but someday it might not be. 

[00:23:14] Bonus: Mordy dials our toll-free number and we discover that it is taking faxes……only faxes.  Listen to Erin lose it…