In Part 1 of episode 374, Kristina Azarenko joins the EDGE to discuss old SEO techniques and tactics that don’t hold water any more. Some techniques covered: PR bombing, DMOZ, link directories, and much more. This is an important show to listen to if you are hiring SEO talent. Listen to the list and make sure they aren’t doing ANY of these bad SEO tactics, on the EDGE.

In Part 2 of episode 375, Kristina Azarenko provides us with an insight into the new SEO professional mindset. Specifically, we discuss why it’s important to participate in the SEO community, sharing information, and how we have changed our engagement during COVID. How valuable is it to speak with your SEO colleagues? Is there a fear of reprisal if you share insight or observation on social media when you are an SEO professional? Kristina shares some of her journey through her career, and the feedback and challenges she has experienced in SEO.


What are some of the tactics that an SEO should have? Listen to the list of core skills that an SEO should bank on!