We’re joined by two experts in this interview! JD Prater and Joe Martinez join us to discuss relationship-marketing, client fears and the hot, hot topic of data collection. Marketing is changing fast, and it’s time we start to unpack what the heck is going on.

[00:07:00] What does JD and Joe see evolving in the digital marketing space, taking in consideration the year and a half we have been through with Covid.

[00:09:39] Innovation comes from constraint

[00:15:08] JD’s new gig at Osmos and Joe’s new move to run his own shop

[00:18:37] Do companies really get the new relationship-marketing strategies?

[00:21:52] Client fears on a non-mainstream platform

[00:23:36] When the light bulbs go off with a client and a tactic

[00:23:36] Any time you can specialize….

[00:26:48] The loss of targeting – privacy laws

[00:30:05] The data collection mindset for marketers

[00:34:48] Last stop:  Google’s FLoC. What the FLoC is happening?