Could podcasting be your drip method for sales? Let’s filter this with John Wall, and grind out the details! John Wall, Partner at Trust Insights and co-host of Marketing Over Coffee, joins us on EDGE of the Web to share his insights on how he has been building and growing his podcast for the last 12 years. Marketing Over Coffee is a marketing podcast, audio-on-demand that covers both classic and new marketing. John and Christopher S. Penn, record a show every week and then publish every Thursday morning. They’ve been talking about marketing at tech on Marketing Over Coffee for over 12 years which has become their leading source of customers. Tune in to episode 356 of EDGE of the Web to learn how to create a drip method for sales utilizing your own podcast.

Key topics discussed during the show:

  • Steps to building a podcast
    • How John build Marketing Over Coffee
  • Challenges with building and keeping up with your podcast
  • Reasons to build a podcast
  • Getting into your podcast subject of interest
  • How remote working has impacted podcasts and social media engagement