Coronavirus has been affecting a lot of businesses over the past few months. Adjusting the way you operate your business during a global pandemic isn’t easy but this week’s featured guest is here to help! Katy Mann, Founder of Indy with Kids, is our special guest this week on the award-winning EDGE of the Web podcast. Her business is events-based, and when a global pandemic comes along and cancels everything, then no events = no business. What to do? It’s about shifting and adapting and still finding ways to build your local brand. Tune in to episode 355 of EDGE of the Web to learn some strategies on how to keep business flowing!

Key topics discussed during the show:

  • Learn About Indy With Kids Website
  • Website Updates and Adjustments Over the Past 10 Years
    • Change in Content
  • Business Pivots
  • Consumers Social Media Perspectives
  • Community/Business Changes Post COVID