This week’s featured guest on EDGE of the Web is Jessica Bowman, Founder/CEO of Jessica is a marketer who comes from an IT background, bridging the gap between both project requirements and how marketing and IT need to collaborate more effectively. Her diverse experience in project management, website usability, and process analysis give her insight into what needs to be tweaked, in your complicated enterprise-level world. She has a systematic approach to transform your SEO program into a well-oiled machine with an army of 30-100+ people thinking about SEO every day, this when you become a powerful SEO Force to Reckon With (SM). Tune in to learn more about team SEO training in corporations.

Key topics discussed during the show:

  • SEO in large corporations
  • Bringing SEO into projects
  • Key SEO understandings
  • SEO training
  • The tie between SEO and Executives