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  • Show 342: The Content Operational Model, featuring Robert Rose

EP 342 Transcript | The Content Operational Model with Robert Rose

By |February 14th, 2020|Transcripts|

  Announcer: 00:00 On this episode of EDGE of the Web. Robert Rose: 00:04 Content right now for most businesses is not considered a strategic function in the business, which is an odd thing to even think about, right? Because... And what I always compare it to is I say, [...]

  • Show 341: Revising your Radical Candor, featuring Kim Scott

EP 341 Transcript | Revising Your Radical Candor with Kim Scott

By |February 4th, 2020|Transcripts|

  Speaker 1: 00:00:00 On this episode of EDGE of the Web. Kim Scott: 00:00:04 If you criticize a person in front of their boss, odds are they're going to feel more threatened, and when we feel threatened , our lizard brain turns on and we literally can't hear what [...]

  • Show 340: Natural Language SEO, featuring Dawn Anderson

EP 340 Transcript | Natural Language SEO with Dawn Anderson

By |January 28th, 2020|Transcripts|

  Speaker 1: 00:00:01 On this episode of Edge of the Web. Dawn Anderson: 00:00:03 We should optimize for the web of document, because the web of document has a huge impact on natural language disambiguation and meeting informational needs, but it's messy. The web of data is semantics, schemas, [...]