Facebook seems to be giving articles that are utilizing the Facebook Instant Articles functionality a special callout within their mobile app. I noticed it over the weekend and wasn’t sure if I was the only one (not seeing anyone else talking about it online). Here is a screenshot that made this weekend with one of the articles we have on the Edge of the Web.

Previously, there was no designation to articles that were Instant Articles (as there is with Google’s AMP within Google search results). But now, it is pretty clear which articles will are Instant Articles.

Is this just the beginning of the Instant Articles push from Facebook? Will Facebook make this feature more prominent in the News Feed? Let us know on Twitter at @EdgeWebRadio.

UPDATE – 9/13/16

I noticed that Facebook has already changed the way Instant Articles already show in the News Feed. Since I wrote this post last week, Facebook added the lightning bolt icon in the upper right corner of the article’s featured image. Are they trying to play off of Google’s AMP icon? See it highlighted below.