Maybe Don’t Copy Your Competitor’s Schema?

We are continuing with OlgaTober with the second of three episodes covering our interview with Olga Zarzeczna, one of the top SEO Audit specialists today.  We continued going through the list of top SEO mistakes made by sites that Olga has found over her years of performing audits.  

Erin and Olga match their notes on some of the most critical, flagrant fouls in the SEO space.  We also cover some more controversial “gray hat” issues regarding structured data.

But seriously, copying a competitor’s structured data?  That actually happened?
Check it out today on the EDGE!

Key Points:

  • [00:03:09] SEO Mistake: Targeting the Same Keywords on All Pages
  • [00:04:46] SEO Mistake: +500K Excluded Pages in GSC
  • [00:06:03] SEO Mistake:  Chinese Characters in Search Results
  • [00:06:46] SEO Mistake:  Host Issues in the Crawl Stats Report in GSC
  • [00:09:29] SEO Mistake:  Pages or Resources that Should Not be Indexed by Google are Indexed
  • [00:10:57] SEO Mistake:  No Headings at All
  • [00:12:25] SEO Mistake:  Sitemap with HTTP links only
  • [00:13:13]
  • [00:13:59] SEO Mistake:  Website is Available and Indexable in Two Instances (Staging and Production)
  • [00:16:09] SEO Mistake:  Competitor’s Data in Schema
  • [00:16:56] SEO Mistake:  All bots Disallowed in Robots.txt
  • [00:18:00] SEO Mistake: SameAs Pointing to Wikipedia
  • [00:21:55] SEO Mistake: Using AI-generated Photos of “Authors”
  • [00:23:50] SEO Mistake: ALT Text Stuffed with Multiple Keywords
  • [00:25:28] SEO Mistake: Three different SEO plugins / Five Different Caching Plugins
  • [00:26:54] SEO Mistake: Lack of Any Contextual Linking Between Blog Posts
  • [00:28:17] SEO Mistake: Important Resources Blocked in Robots.txt