Can a Dog Eat an Avocado? And How Long Can Blue Cheese Stay in the Fridge?

We’re talking voice search, the Internet of Things, and Google’s Multitask Unified Model with Cindy Krum on this episode of the EDGE. Her breadth of knowledge on these topics and ability to predict the future is nearly endless. So much so, in fact, some might call her the Nostradamus of SEO.

Erin and Cindy dissect the difference between and the importance of Google’s transition from using a keyword-based understanding of the web to an entity understanding. This has major implications for both voice and mobile queries, not just SERPs. Lastly, we ask the hard-hitting questions here on the EDGE like, “Can a dog eat an avocado?” and “How long can blue cheese stay in the fridge?”  Google knows.

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Content timeframe: 1/12/2023 to 2/10/2023.