EDGE of the Web is a weekly, hour-long SEO and Digital Marketing podcast hosted by Erin Sparks from Site Strategics.


562 | How Google Has Learned with Voice Search w/ Cindy Crum

By |January 14th, 2023|Interview, podcast|

On this episode of the EDGE Erin Sparks and Cindy Krum explore MUM, IoT, and voice search. What implications do they have for SEOs, brands and consumers?

Episode 244 Recap | Understanding the Google Algorithm W/ John Mueller

By |October 19th, 2017|Recaps|

This week on Edge of the Web we were very excited to play host to Google Webmaster Trends Analyst and all-around SEO genius John Mueller. Those of us at Edge Media Studios were excited to talk with John, who joined us from his home in Zurich, Switzerland. Before John kindly [...]