Is ChatGPT Coming for Your Job?

Brands are admitting publicly to using AI to write their content – How do you think Google responded?

Erin and Mordy take a deep dive down the rabbit hole of Search Engine Land and explore ChatGPT, AI content creation, and how the indentation of a link in the SERP may impact your organic traffic. The duo asks tough questions like, “Is ChatGPT coming for your job?”

This week’s Barry Blast confirms the completed rollout of Google’s Helpful Content and Link Spam updates, that linking to multiple products in a review may give the page a SERP boost, and Google admits it is challenging to write an SEO case study.

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Barry Blast from Search Engine Roundtable:

  • [00:33:31] Barry Blast 1: Google’s Helpful Content and Link Spam updates are finished rolling out
  • [00:34:36] Barry Blast 2: According to Google, writing SEO case studies can be challenging
  • [00:36:00] Barry Blast 3: Google says that linking to multiple sellers in product reviews might give a small ranking boost