Google Marketing Live 2023 / AI Scams

More AI and Google for you! We’ve got the latest news from Google, with some interesting forecasting for what Google could evolve into by 2033. There is lots of exciting news in Artificial intelligence, including an increase in AI scams to keep an eye out for. Sit back and enjoy this feature of News From the EDGE!

News from the EDGE:

AI Blitz:

  • [00:12:42] Google Opens Access to Search Generative Experience Today LINK
  • [00:15:28] New Superbug-Killing Antibiotic Discovered Using AI LINK
  • [00:17:35] Meta’s Speech AI Models Support over 1,100 Languages LINK
  • [00:20:23] AI Scams Targeting Older Americans LINK

AI Tools:

Barry Blast from Search Engine Roundtable:

  • [00:28:20] Barry Blast 1: Google Announces New Topic Authority System LINK
  • [00:29:20] Barry Blast 2: Google Has Done it’s Last Mobile-First Indexing Switch After 6 Years LINK

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