Rock, Paper, Scissors – Shoot!

Listen in as we’re joined by Crystal Carter, head of communications at Wix, to discuss the world of SEO and digital marketing, focusing on Google’s latest AI model, Gemini. We cover the model’s various versions, its potential to impact search and creative industries, and how Google may have pushed the envelope of reality a little bit with the tool’s debut video.

Covering other AI and marketing news, including X’s chatbot, Grok, the AWS and NVIDIA partnership for advanced generative AI, and the discussion about the SEC’s probe into investment advisors’ use of AI and the potential risks involved.

News from the EDGE:

AI Blitz:

  • [00:24:19] AWS and NVIDIA expand partnership to advance generative AI
  • [00:25:54] SEC Probes Investment Advisers’ Use of AI

AI Tools:

Barry Blast from Search Engine Roundtable:

  • [00:31:42] Barry Blast 1: Report: Google Local Ranking Now Looks If A Business Is Open Or Closed (Business Hours)