Olga Zarzeczna appeared on the SEO radar in August of 2020 with an incredible series of contributions to the community.  With incredibly crafted posts such as “Technical SEO Audit (188+ Steps)” and “SEO Audit Tools: 65 Tools For SEO auditing” and spending upwards of 40 – 60 hours of meticulous writing, Olga is clearly defining herself as a thought leader in our digital marketing community.  Give a listen as we go through her SEO Audit Tools list as Erin tries not to be an SEO Veruca Salt! 

[00:11:49] The Fail of SEO Auditing: Relying on a Single Tool Too Much

[00:16:47] What Factors Kept Some Tools Out of the List?

[00:20:19] First Tools: Errors, Warnings, and Notice Audit Tools: Screaming Frog and Site Bulb

[00:24:16] A Focus on the Semrush SEO Technical Audit Tool

[00:25:29] The Requirement of SEO and Site Context When Reading Audit Results

[00:28:24] On Crawl

[00:29:00] NetSpeak

[00:30:28] DeepCrawl: The Enterprise-Level SEO Audit Tool

[00:32:34] AHRefs Website Analysis Tool: Best Site Monitoring Tool

[00:34:20] Check My Links

[00:35:12] Link Redirect Trace

[00:36:01] Why Javascript Rendering Analysis is So Important as an SEO Audit Tool

[00:38:20] Log Analyzer Tools:  Why is it so important to focus on the logs?

[00:40:30] Volatility Sensors

[00:44:37] Great Guidance: How to Start Your SEO Audit Process