Talia Wolf is one of the industry’s top conversion optimization specialists and she joins us this week to tell us about her new CRO class, Emotion Sells: The Masterclass. She has taught conversion rate optimization on stages such as Google, Unbounce, MozCon, Search Love, CXL Live, and Learn Inbound.

We also (per usual) tend to get a little off topic and we found out that Talia is a big Harry Potter fan. What is Talia’s 7th Horcrux? Find out today!

Plus, we talk to Edge of the Web contributor Erin Robbins in this episode to talk about her time at State of Search and her presentation about Local SEO.

Also, Douglas Karr of the Marketing Tech Blog has launched a new community called the MarTech Community! Learn more about this community and sign up here: https://martech.mightybell.com/