When Google does core updates, there are inevitably winners and losers, and it often doesn’t feel fair for sites that did nothing to intentionally violate and rules! Devaluations from Google updates and manual actions can feel like the end of the world but Kristine Schachinger of Sites Without Walls has advice.  Kristine has spent years helping companies through the post-update recovery process. She also has 17 years of digital experience including a focus on website design and implementation, accessibility standards, and all aspects of website visibility involving SEO, social media, and strategic planning. Deep dive into the solutions of Google core updates during EDGE of the Web’s episode 352.

Key topics discussed during the show:

  • Timeline of Google Core Updates
  • Updates do NOT mean Google is penalizing you
  • Google is rolling out updates daily
  • Key recovery tips
  • Everything E-A-T; expertise, authority, and trust