This week’s featured guest on EDGE of the Web is Michael King, The Founder and Managing Director of iPullRank, catching us up on what is new in the digital marketing world. If you don’t know Mike by now you need to. He has an extensive background in software, web development, and a proclivity for creative solutions. That experience has afforded him a track record of successfully coordinating the efforts of Creative, Strategy, Technical, and Paid Media Teams to achieve synergistic solutions in harmony with long-term client campaign goals for several Fortune 500 brands. Check out episode 361 where we deep dive into the effects on COVID19 in the workforce.

Key topics discussed during the show:

  • COVID19 effects in workforce
    • Specifically iPullRank
  • Ebook: Marketing in the Age of COVID-19
    • Employment rate issues
    • Emotional impact from the virus
    • Consumer behavior
  • Digital marketing strategy during this time