Google Losing the Hearts of SEO’s

There’s a lot of movement to cover in the Google realm this week. The carnage continues as a U.S judge grants more class action antitrust lawsuits against Google. Despite the trial, Google continues to make improvements of its own – updating their Local Service Ads with a new verification process to reduce spam. Google is also testing a new feature called Popular Opinions Search Carousel intended to allow users to view opinions and reviews of various products right on the SERP. Finishing up on Google, the crew looks at a new survey that says SEO’s distaste in Google is at an all time high. Tensions have risen, where will Google turn next? Tune in this week to find out, here on the EDGE of the Web!

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News from the EDGE:

AI Blitz:

  • [00:19:17] Elon Musk sues OpenAI over alleged breach of nonprofit agreement
  • [00:20:51] Some users turn to AI chatbot therapists … but experts warn about the lack of a human connection
  • [00:26:33] Elon Musk: AI will run out of electricity and transformers in 2025

AI Tools:

Barry Blast from Search Engine Roundtable:

  • [00:31:07 ] Report: Google Local Service Ads To Gain New Verification Process
  • [00:32:46] Google Popular Opinions Search Carousel
  • [00:35:14] Survey Says Most SEOs Dislike Google Now More Than Before