AI: Top Search Threat

Welcome back to the EDGE! Mordy makes his return this week as the team digs even deeper into the Google Search API leaks, and evaluates the state of AI in search.

Aleyda Solis has composed a collection of resources surrounding the API Doc leaks, readily accessible for you to gather the full picture of what these leaks mean for SEO. Be sure to keep this list in your back pocket for any current and future updates!

Google AI Overviews are now showing up in only 15% of search queries, a major drop since the rollout. Many reports of concerningly false outputs over the past months seem to be the cause of the decline. It’s clear that Google is pulling back while they attempt to fine tune the technology, but the timeline is unknown for AI Overviews moving forward.

Matt Southern, a Moz Search Scientist, released an article this week warning SEO’s of ‘challenges ahead’ due to Google AI. SEO’s are facing a rising threat in zero click content, leaving traditional organic SEO vulnerable.

Tune in as we uncover new developments revealing how AI continues to emerge as a bigger and bigger question mark in search this week on the news from the EDGE of the Web!

News from the EDGE:

AI Blitz:

  • [00:25:20] Perplexity Pages showing in Google AI Overviews, featured snippets
  • [00:26:20] Meta is notifying Instagram and Facebook EU users that it’s using their data to train its AI models, and users can opt-out, “if your objection is honored”
  • [00:27:00] X now permits AI-generated adult content
  • [00:29:08]

AI Tools:

  • [00:30:18] Underlord, from Descript
  • [00:31:02] Generate AI TV shows and episodes

Barry Blast from Search Engine Roundtable:

  • [00:32:21] Google Warns: Sites That Are Inaccessible On Mobile Will Not Be Indexed
  • [00:34:24] Google Fixed The Search Console Links Report
  • [00:35:12] Google Business Profiles Tests Chat With SMS & WhatsApp