Roger Montti shares with the EDGE audience some of his perspective of the more contentious discussions that SEOs are having in the marketplace of ideas.  We dig into what Google is really doing with the SERP and what the challenges are in reporting the larger perspective for the different audiences he serves.  A key message in this interview is not to be afraid to put yourself out there.  Great takes from a long-time contributor in the field.

[00:02:41] The Zero-Click Discussion the realm of ideas

[00:07:57] Google’s meeting 5 user intents at the same time

[00:12:24] Nostalgia for ten blue links?

[00:17:30] Ramping the first time SEOs into the conversation going on

[00:19:59] Rodger’s process of targeted a particular SEO topic

[00:25:53] High level of scrutiny from the community on what Roger publishes.  What are the challenges?

[00:28:29] Don’t be afraid – put it out there.