Andrew “Optimisey” Cock-Starkey continued his discussion with us as we explored his tenants to help businesses do the small but powerful things that improve their websites.  Things you can do right now. He clearly demonstrates the care he has towards his own clients and he used his Cambridge meetups to share information with his local business community. We also give the mic to Andrew to go through his run down of the Top 20 SEOS that You Should Follow, but possibly don’t. Andrew exemplifies the best of us in the SEO industry; a humble and sharing personality. Be sure to check our first segment with him in Episode 417. 

Key points in our conversation:

[00:06:29] Why do you think people have a vested interest in painting SEO as complicated and tricky? 

[00:10:36] SEO Basics: Improving Speed

[00:14:41] SEO Basics: Quality Content

[00:18:50] SEO Basics: Broken Links

[00:24:33] The Top SEOs that you SHOULD follow