This week’s featured guest is Britney Muller, Senior SEO Scientist at Moz, here to EDGEucate you on the specifics within SEO that you need to focus on throughout 2020. Britney continuously researches SEO concepts, creates educational content, helps educate people about SEO (internally and at conferences around the world), and communicates SEO trends and desires to the product teams at Moz. She is an SEO scientist people… she knows what she’s talking about! Britney wrote a great blog, SEO for 2020 – Whiteboard Friday, to help you determine what SEO factors to focus on as we take on the year 2020 head first!

Some key points discussed during the show:

  • Foundational SEO: titles, metas, alt tags, and basic SEO 101
  • Linking internally between website landing pages
  • Schema markup: FAQs, bread crumbs, and business info
  • Research about your industry, competitors, and rankings
  • What to STOP doing with SEO in 2020