Reacting To The Rapid Changes In Search

Welcome back to the EDGE! This week’s guest is Will Critchlow, founder and CEO of SearchPilot, the revolutionary SEO testing technology that enables users to run large-scale SEO testing programs rapidly. With a prominent background in digital marketing, Will has cemented himself as a legacy SEO within the industry over the past two decades. In this episode, discover the capabilities of SearchPilot and why so many organizations have chosen the platform as their primary SEO resource. Furthermore, Will & Erin look back to assess how Google has transitioned values of search in recent years and how SEOs are responding as they gear up for talks of SEO testing at scale in the next segment. Understand the causes behind such high variability in search as we decide how to respond this week on the EDGE of the Web! Discount Code "EDGEoftheWeb"

Key Segments: