Edge of the Web Radio is a weekly, hour long Internet Marketing program hosted by Erin Sparks and Tom Brodbeck from Site Strategics and Douglas Karr from Marketing Tech Blog.

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  • EP 235: Becoming an Innovative Brand w/Carla Johnson

    EP 235: Becoming an Innovative Brand w/Carla Johnson

    Carla Johnson is a well-known keynote speaker, author and Chief Experience Officer at Type A Communications. She helps companies tell better stories in order to build stronger brand awareness, better customer engagement, and increase revenue. She is a consultant to the Content Marketing Institute and has worked with brands like [...]

  • EP 234: How to Become an Agile Digital Marketing Agency w/Muhammad Yasin

    EP 234: How to Become an Agile Digital Marketing Agency w/Muhammad Yasin

    You've heard Erin mention on the show before that agency behind Edge of the Web (Site Strategics) is an agile digital marketing agency but what does that mean and why did we decide to become agile? When Site Strategics wanted to become an agile digital marketing agency earlier this year, [...]

  • EP 233: Building the Credo Brand in a Crowded Space w/John Doherty

    EP 233: Building the Credo Brand in a Crowded Space w/John Doherty

    Finding that perfect digital marketing agency or consultant can be a difficult task for a business. Many great businesses have been burned in the past by a bad agency while the good agencies and consultants struggle to get work. John Doherty saw this issue and decided to do something about [...]

  • EP 232: The Future of Mobile Video Advertising w/David Feinman

    EP 232: The Future of Mobile Video Advertising w/David Feinman

    Have you noticed an increase of videos that are showing up in your Facebook feed? Well, this certainly is a trend we are seeing and one we predicted. But with this increase in videos, it is getting harder and harder to get your video noticed. So this week, we wanted [...]


1603, 2017

EP 217: The Knowledge Divide w/Kyle Lacy

We have interviewed guests all over the world but rarely do we get to talk to someone locally like we did this week. Kyle Lacy, the new VP of Marketing of Lessonly, joined us in our studio this week. Kyle's [...]

1403, 2017

EP 216: Building A Sustainable Content Marketing Plan w/Paddy Moogan

Paddy Moogan, the former florist and law student, is the co-founder of Aira, a digital marketing agency based in the UK. Paddy is a well-known SEO and has been working in SEO since 2004 when he was meant to be [...]

2802, 2017

EP 215: Branding and Programmatic Advertising w/Maureen Jann

Maureen Jann is the Director of Marketing at Point It and host of the podcast Fine Point Digital Marketing. We had a great discussion with Maureen and covered a variety of topics. Mainly, we focused on branding, programmatic advertising, and [...]

2002, 2017

EP 214: Running an Idealistic SEO Agency w/Mike Arnesen

Mike Arnesen is the owner and CEO of Upbuild, a 100% remote consulting agency that specializes in end-to-end optimization. Mike joined us on the podcast from his home office in Portland, OR and we wanted to talk with him about [...]

1402, 2017

EP 213: Machine Learning, Rank Brain, & Unicorns w/Larry Kim

Larry Kim, the founder and CTO of Wordstream, joins us on the podcast this week from a snowy Boston to discuss a variety of topic including RLSA, Machine Learning, Rank Brain, SEO Predictions for 2017 and his fascination with Unicorns. [...]

702, 2017

EP 212: How to Find Opportunity Gaps in Content with Keyword Research w/Dan Shure

Five years ago we started a radio show on the northside of Indianapolis. We broadcasted live at 8 a.m. and decided to save the show as a podcast. In those five years, we've added Douglas Karr to the show, moved [...]

3101, 2017

EP 211: How To Get Chosen By Google w/Ronell Smith

Ronell Smith is a content strategist from RS Consulting as well as a Moz Associate. Ronell works with a lot of big brands in his organization and we wanted to pick his brain about how he helps clients develop a [...]

2401, 2017

EP 210: Leveraging Campaign Tagging in Google Analytics w/Annie Cushing

Google Analytics is a wonderful tool that many marketers and websites use, but many marketers make mistakes in Google Analytics when it comes to campaign tagging. Well, we got a hold of Annie Cushing, the founder of Annielytics, to discuss [...]

1701, 2017

EP 209: The State of the Connected Customer – w/Mathew Sweezey

Mathew Sweezey, the principal of Marketing Insights at Salesforce, joins us on the podcast this week. Mathew has spoken at over 50 conferences this past year and his group at Salesforce has released some interesting statistics this past year. This [...]