EDGE of the Web is a weekly, hour-long SEO and Digital Marketing podcast hosted by Erin Sparks from Site Strategics.


EDGE of the WEB: The Best SEO Podcast for Today’s Digital Marketers

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EDGE of the Web is a weekly marketing podcast discussing all things in digital marketing: SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media, Content Marketing, and more. Host Erin Sparks of Site Strategics discusses the latest news and trends in the digital marketing industry as well as interviews with some of the top names in marketing.

The EDGE connects with the top digital marketing guests from around the planet and gives our audience access to digital marketing best practices on how to improve their SERPs. Developing website traffic is not the only benefit that our show offers, but opens up a world of analysis on online marketing tactics that are trending in the space.

Our podcast has a core focus on SEO but also covers such topics as social media marketing, content marketing, and overall online marketing tactics to deliver to the new media audience mediums.

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  • Lidia Infante
  • Todd Friesen
  • Dana DiTomaso
  • Greg Finn

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1810, 2023
  • Episode 634: News from October 16th, 2023

634 | News from the EDGE | Week of 10.16.2023

Explore Google's cookie removal, YouTube's AI-driven ad campaigns, and Microsoft's bug bounty on The EDGE of The Web! Your guide to the latest in SEO and digital trends.

1310, 2023
  • 633 | Mastering The Holistic SEO Process w/ Eli Schwartz

633 | Mastering The Holistic SEO Process w/ Eli Schwartz

Unlock SEO mastery with Eli Schwartz on The EDGE! Dive into RICE Method, precision tactics, and navigate SGE changes for holistic SEO control.

1010, 2023
  • Episode 632: News from October 9th, 2023

632 | News from the EDGE | Week of 10.09.2023

Stay ahead in SEO with the latest: Google indexing conversations, JPMorgan CEO on AI in finance, Amazon's $4B AI investment, and Google's spooky algorithm update!

610, 2023
  • 631 | Creating an SEO Channel by Thinking Strategically w/ Eli Schwartz

631 | Foundational SEO Strategy w/ Eli Schwartz w/ Eli Schwartz

Uncover the truth behind Product-Led SEO with SEO expert Eli Schwartz on The EDGE. Learn to maximize revenues and understand the buyer's journey for ultimate success.

410, 2023
  • Episode 630: News from October 4th, 2023

630 | News from the EDGE | Week of 10.02.2023

As some consider leaving GoogleAds forever, the search giant opens up the SGE to teenagers. TikTok considers ad-free subscription tier.

2909, 2023
  • 629 | Utilizing Google Analytics 4 w/ Matt Holz

629 | Utilizing Google Analytics 4 w/ Matt Holz

Matt Holz is back, and we're diving even deeper into the world of GA4 – don't miss the latest on its capabilities and more.

2709, 2023
  • Episode 628: News from September 25th, 2023

628 | News from the EDGE | Week of 9.25.2023

Google's whistleblower exposes click manipulation and ad price inflation. Join us on the EDGE Of The Web Podcast for the latest SEO News!

2209, 2023
  • 627 | Leveraging the New Tools in GA4 w/ Matt Holz

627 | Leveraging the New Tools in GA4 w/ Matt Holz

Discover GA4 insights and AI's data reporting potential with Matt Holz, VP of Product Strategy at FoundSM, on EDGE of the Web!

2009, 2023
  • Episode 626: News from September 18th, 2023

626 | News from the EDGE | Week of 9.18.2023

Google's Gemini vs. ChatGPT, Algo changes, and the current state of the Google Antitrust case! Join the conversation on the EDGE of the Web.