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  • EP 339: Are You A Showrunner? with Jay Acunzo

    EP 339: Are You A Showrunner? with Jay Acunzo

    The marketers who will win in today’s environment are those who understand it’s all about providing a great experience. It’s no longer about GRABBING attention, it’s about HOLDING attention. Although a surprising number of professional marketers aren’t as good as you’d think they would be at marketing themselves to get [...]

  • EP 338: PPC | “More Than Meets The ROI” with Tim Jensen

    EP 338: PPC | “More Than Meets The ROI” with Tim Jensen

    Ready to make your next brilliant digital marketing move in 2020? One thing to consider using is Google Tag Manager to track on-site engagement. Our featured guest on this week’s EDGE of the Web episode 338 is Tim Jenson, Campaign Manager at Clix Marketing is here to share his wisdom! [...]

  • EP 337: Contributor Series with George Nguyen

    EP 337: Contributor Series with George Nguyen

    The digital marketing industry rang in the new year by reviewing everything new 2019 brought us and what is in store for 2020. This week's featured guest, our first guest for the EDGE 2020 Contributor Series, constantly provides analysis and inside information on breaking search news so that the community [...]

  • EP 336: Funnel Fixes | Optimizing Your Landing Pages – Interview with Talia Wolf

    EP 336: Funnel Fixes | Optimizing Your Landing Pages – Interview with Talia Wolf

    Make 2020 the year you consistently hit CRO home runs, a good starting point is optimizing your landing pages! If you’re looking for ways to get more conversions, then you should know this week’s special guest is one of the foremost experts on conversion optimization: Talia Wolf, Founder and CEO [...]


3010, 2019

EP 330: The Link to Google’s BERT – Interview with Adam White

Too many digital marketing and SEO professionals leave something out of the strategies they present to clients: Robust backlinks are the missing pieces of the puzzle, but they have to be done right in a Google-friendly approach to see success. [...]

2210, 2019

EP 329: 2019 SEO Factors and Audit Tools – Interview with Andy Drinkwater

When your ultimate goal is to improve your site’s search position, there’s no better way to get started than with a search engine optimization audit. Everyone wants to boost the search position for their website but fewer realize that you [...]

810, 2019

EP 328: Long Term Content Marketing with Joe Pulizzi

Does your digital marketing strategy include long-term content marketing? It should! What do brands like Arrow Electronics, General Mills, and Kraft have in common? Their digital marketing efforts go beyond short-term results and focus on long-term content marketing that actively [...]

210, 2019

EP 327: Marketing SaaS from Scratch with Tim Soulo

SaaS marketing hinges on building your brand, inbound content marketing, and identifying the right lead acquisition channels. What better way to learn about SaaS marketing than from the guy who built the marketing dept. at Ahrefs. Tim Soulo is the [...]

1709, 2019

EP 326: Quora | Riches from Niches with Joe Martinez

What’s one of the biggest Digital Marketing mistakes being made today? Spending all of your PPC dollars on Google and Facebook! You might be surprised how much of your audience are using Instagram, Quora, Waze, Reddit, Pinterest, Nextdoor, and others. [...]

1109, 2019

EP 325: How Your Reputation Affects Local Search – Interview with Mike Blumenthal

If your business or client’s business gets all of it’s customers from a localized area- how do you go about optimizing your website to cater to just your city and neighborhoods? What does your local reputation have to do with [...]

609, 2019

EP 324: What is Google E-A-Ting? – Interview with Marie Haynes

Google is constantly coming out with small and core algorithm updates, forcing digital marketers to continuously work on providing top-notch content that develops expertise, authoritativeness, and trust! So what exactly is Google E-A-Ting? Find out everything you need to know [...]

2008, 2019

EP 323: SEO: From Keywords to Concepts – Interview with Bill Slawski

Schema continues to grow in search results with featured snippets, knowledge panels, structured snippets and more. Location history will become part of the future for local search. What will do with it? Are you up-to-speed on Categorical Quality Scores in [...]

1308, 2019

EP 322: Securing Your Customers, and Yourself – Interview with Arlie Hartman

If all the craziness you hear about malware, cybersecurity, data breaches, info security, and ransomware attacks have you feeling nervous, then you’ll want to learn how to fight back. Our special guest this week on the EDGE of the Web [...]