Edge of the Web Radio is a weekly, hour-long Internet Marketing program hosted by Erin Sparks from Site Strategics

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EDGE of the WEB: An SEO Podcast for Today’s Digital Marketers

EDGE of the Web is a weekly hour-long digital marketing podcast discussing all things in Digital Marketing: SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing and more. Host Erin Sparks of Site Strategics discusses the latest news and trends in the digital marketing industry as well as interviews with some of the top names in marketing.

The EDGE connects with the top digital marketing guests from around the planet and gives our audience access to digital marketing best practices on how to improve their SERPs. Developing website traffic is not the only benefits that our show offers, but opens up a world of analysis on online marketing tactics that are trending in the space.

Susan Wenograd on EDGE of the Web, the SEO Podcast

Susan Wenograd on EDGE of the Web

Our podcast has a core focus on SEO, but also covers such topics as social media marketing, content marketing and overall online marketing tactics to deliver to the new media audience mediums.

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405, 2020

EP 353: SEO Agency Life During Quarantine with Bill Sebald

This week’s special guest is Bill Sebald, Managing Partner of Greenlane Marketing. He has always approached SEO work like a detective trying to solve a complex mystery. He’s been doing this since 1996, so you can count on some incredible [...]

2804, 2020

EP 352: Google Core Update Recovery with Kristine Schachinger

When Google does core updates, there are inevitably winners and losers, and it often doesn’t feel fair for sites that did nothing to intentionally violate and rules! Devaluations from Google updates and manual actions can feel like the end of [...]

2004, 2020

EP 351: How Coronavirus is Impacting Search Behavior with Lily Ray

Search behavior is something that has always been changing over time, but there have been unprecedented shifts caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. Google continues its focus on E-A-T and page quality, but how a global pandemic impacts search behavior [...]

1604, 2020

EP 350: Impact of COVID-19 on PPC with Amy Bishop

Change is the name of the game in digital marketing, and while many times the changes can be good, sometimes they’re not. Change has been especially rapid during the pandemic, and that includes PPC and paid social. Episode 350 of [...]

1004, 2020

EP 349: Stop Marketing in a Crisis? with Jon Henshaw

Nearly 17 million have filed for unemployment in the past three weeks. The economy has come to an abrupt hard stop. What should digital marketing professionals focus on during an unprecedented crisis like the one we’re now experiencing? This week’s [...]

2603, 2020

EP 348: Automation in Times of Crisis with Aaron Levy

Too many companies have SEM strategies entirely focused on keywords or what's “most likely to convert” according to Google, as opposed to what makes the most sense to the real customers on the other side of the marketing equation. Especially [...]

1603, 2020

EP 347: Remote Working & Quora PPC with JD Prater

A lot of companies are responding to the health concerns happening worldwide by sending employees home to work remotely. The digital marketing industry is lucky that a lot of work can be done via computer, video conference, etc. Some individuals [...]

903, 2020

EP 346: SEO for 2020 with Britney Muller

This week’s featured guest is Britney Muller, Senior SEO Scientist at Moz, here to EDGEucate you on the specifics within SEO that you need to focus on throughout 2020. Britney continuously researches SEO concepts, creates educational content, helps educate people [...]

503, 2020

EP 345: Podcasting Your Passion with Chuck Fields

This week’s featured guest is Chuck Fields, President and Founder of SpaceTech, has been teaching businesses better ways to work, especially getting more done faster. He works with mid-sized companies to streamline business processes, reduce data errors, and eliminate bottlenecks [...]