Edge of the Web Radio is a weekly, hour long Internet Marketing program hosted by Erin Sparks and Tom Brodbeck from Site Strategics and Douglas Karr from Marketing Tech Blog.

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  • EP 306: The Role of Machine Learning and AI in PPC w/Brad Geddes

    EP 306: The Role of Machine Learning and AI in PPC w/Brad Geddes

    Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are going to continue to dominate the conversation in the PPC industry this year. What are the best ways to use Machine Learning and AI and what skills do you need to have to be successful? Brad Geddes joins us this week to discuss the [...]

  • EP 305: Bridging the Gap Between Content Creation & Marketing Strategy w/Erin Acheson

    EP 305: Bridging the Gap Between Content Creation & Marketing Strategy w/Erin Acheson

    From a young age, we are taught to share. Sharing is important and sharing is caring. But, when it comes to our professional lives, teams within an organization are unwilling to share data with other departments that could be very valuable to that group. What would happen if we were [...]

  • EP 304: The Marketing Rebellion is Here w/Mark Schaefer

    EP 304: The Marketing Rebellion is Here w/Mark Schaefer

    The fields of marketing, advertising, and PR are constantly changing. Past strategies no longer work as technology is racing ahead of us, customers are buying based on personal values, and trust in brands is at a 10-year low. We've been going through a marketing rebellion for over 100 years but [...]

  • EP 303: Moz’s Domain Authority 2.0 w/Russ Jones

    EP 303: Moz’s Domain Authority 2.0 w/Russ Jones

    In case you missed our last episode, Moz has recently announced that they are changing the way Domain Authority will be scored beginning on March 5. Russ Jones, the Principal Search Scientist at Moz, joins us on this special bonus episode to discuss how SEOs should use Domain Authority, how [...]


2910, 2018

EP 288: How to Dominate at Local SEO w/Damon Gochneaur

Wow! What an information-packed show we have for you today! Damon Gochneaur is the founder of Aspiro Agency and the Director of Search at Southwest Media Group and he is fresh off his appearance at Pubcon where he talked about [...]

1510, 2018

EP 287: Talk Triggers – Creating Customers with Word of Mouth w/Jay Baer

Did you know that in a recent study, it was found that word of mouth resulted in 50-91% of a company's sales - yet most companies don't have a strategy for word of mouth marketing. That's the reason Jay Baer, [...]

910, 2018

EP 286 – Flip the Funnel with Account-Based Marketing w/Sangram Vajre

We've all seen the traditional marketing funnel or different variations of it. The traditional funnel starts with the awareness stage at the widest part of the funnel, then progresses to the consideration stage and finally the last stage is the [...]

210, 2018

EP 285: Why You Should Optimize Your Marketing w/Hailey Friedman

We talk a lot on the show about search engine optimization, but how often are you optimizing your overall marketing efforts? Hailey Friedman, the Head of Marketing of Improvado, joins us on the show to talk about the process she [...]

2409, 2018

EP 284: Bullseye Marketing w/Louis Gudema

Recent research says that over 80% of companies are seriously under-investing when it comes to their marketing. Louis Gudema, author of the new book "Bullseye Marketing", wants to helps businesses improve their marketing and increase their marketing spend by using [...]

1809, 2018

EP 283: An Introduction to Facebook Analytics w/JD Prater

Have you heard of Facebook Analytics? Well, chances are you haven't and JD Prater, Director of Growth at Beautiful.AI, says that most marketers aren't using this tool to measure their results and using it to improve their marketing. Fresh off [...]

409, 2018

EP 282: The Google Medic Update w/Ruth Burr Reedy

Earlier this month, Google released a new update to their core algorithm that many in the SEO industry are labeling "The Google Medic Update". Ruth Burr Reedy, the Director of Strategy with UpBuild, is on the show with us today [...]

2808, 2018

EP 281: What You Need To Know About Google Sponsored Units w/Elizabeth Marsten

Chances are you've seen (or clicked!) a Google Sponsored Unit and you had no idea what it was. Not a lot is known about Google Sponsored Units as they are new to the shopping environment. Elizabeth Marsten, the e-Commerce Growth [...]

2108, 2018

EP 280: The Neuroscience of Storytelling w/Joe Lazauskas

Joe Lazauskas joins us on the show today to break down a few of the major concepts in his new book "The Storytelling Edge." This book came out earlier this year and it dives deep into the neuroscience behind why [...]