EDGE of the Web is a weekly, hour-long SEO and Digital Marketing podcast hosted by Erin Sparks from Site Strategics.

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EDGE of the WEB: An SEO Podcast for Today’s Digital Marketers

EDGE of the Web is a weekly hour-long digital marketing podcast discussing all things in Digital Marketing: SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing and more. Host Erin Sparks of Site Strategics discusses the latest news and trends in the digital marketing industry as well as interviews with some of the top names in marketing.

The EDGE connects with the top digital marketing guests from around the planet and gives our audience access to digital marketing best practices on how to improve their SERPs. Developing website traffic is not the only benefits that our show offers, but opens up a world of analysis on online marketing tactics that are trending in the space.

Susan Wenograd on EDGE of the Web, the SEO Podcast

Susan Wenograd on EDGE of the Web

Our podcast has a core focus on SEO, but also covers such topics as social media marketing, content marketing and overall online marketing tactics to deliver to the new media audience mediums.

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Recent Guests:

  • Dixon Jones
  • Benjamin Shapiro
  • Kristina Azarenko
  • Shay Rowbottom

Upcoming Guests:

  • Sam Tomlinson
  • Jason Banard
  • Fernando Angulo
  • Dan Sharp

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1712, 2020

378 | News from the EDGE : Week of December 14, 2020

Each week on the EDGE of the Web we invite an industry insider to talk about some of the latest digital marketing news headlines. This week host Erin Sparks and Creative Studio Producer Jacob Mann along with special guest Mordy [...]

2511, 2020

376 & 377 | What Does Semantic Search Mean? with Dixon Jones

In episode 376, Dixon Jones rattles off some core concepts of semantic search and what it means to today’s SEO professional. Learn about the history of semantic search, Google’s patent development toward understanding things, not strings.  Join us in the [...]

2011, 2020

374 & 375 | Old SEO Tactics: What Not to Do in SEO with Kristina Azarenko

In Part 1 of episode 374, Kristina Azarenko joins the EDGE to discuss old SEO techniques and tactics that don’t hold water any more. Some techniques covered: PR bombing, DMOZ, link directories, and much more. This is an important show [...]

1711, 2020

EP 372 & 373: How to Grow Your Podcast with Benjamin Shapiro

Benjamin Shapiro, host of The MarTech podcast and Voices of Search podcast joins us to discuss key items that every podcaster should know when growing their podcast.  Discussed are key points list: How Benjamin got the MarTech podcast started. What [...]

2010, 2020

EP 371: 15 Years of SEO with Will Critchlow

This week's featured guest is Will Critchlow, CEO of Search Pilot, a company owned by the founders of Distilled. SearchPilot focuses on its SEO A/B testing and meta-CMS technology (previously known as Distilled ODN). We covered a number of things [...]

1410, 2020

EP 370: Enterprise In-House SEO Advantages with Paul Shapiro

This week's featured guest is Paul Shapiro, founder of Online Geniuses, a Slack Chat-based community for internet marketers. He is a programmer and is very fond of horror movies and board games. In fact, he also operates a board game [...]

2809, 2020

EP 369: Google Ads Hiding Data with Kirk Williams and Sam Tomlinson

This week we called upon two of our friends, Kirk Williams and Sam Tomlinson, to join episode 369 of EDGE of the Web. Kirk is the owner of ZATO, his Paid Search PPC micro-agency of experts, and has been working [...]

2309, 2020

EP 368: Sales Automation and the Human Element with Jeroen Corthout

Our featured guest on episode 368 of EDGE of the Web is Jeroen Corthout, CEO and co-founder of Salesflare, the intelligent CRM that startups and small businesses love to use. Salesflare’s mission is to automate everything in sales, but the [...]

1609, 2020

EP 367: State Of The YouTube Address with Tim Schmoyer

Our featured guest on EDGE of the Web episode 367 is Tim Schmoyer, CEO of Video Creators. In 2006, Tim was in graduate school and wanted to introduce his girlfriend to his family across the country, so he uploaded videos [...]