Edge of the Web Radio is a weekly, hour long Internet Marketing program hosted by Erin Sparks and Tom Brodbeck from Site Strategics and Douglas Karr from Marketing Tech Blog.

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EP 303: Moz’s Domain Authority 2.0 w/Russ Jones

By |February 28th, 2019|podcast|

In case you missed our last episode, Moz has recently announced that they are changing the way Domain Authority will be scored beginning on March 5. Russ Jones, the Principal Search Scientist at Moz, joins us on this special bonus episode to discuss how SEOs should use Domain Authority, how [...]

EP 302: Learning from Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines w/Marie Haynes

By |February 19th, 2019|podcast|

Last year, Google updated its Quality Rater Guidelines - what changed and what lessons are there to learn from this update? Marie Haynes, the owner of Marie Haynes Consulting, Inc., joins us on the show this week as she and her team have dove into this 160+ page document to [...]

EP 301: What’s Driving the Growth of Marketing Technology? w/Scott Brinker

By |February 12th, 2019|podcast|

There's one thing that is for certain in the marketing technology industry - change. Rather than slowing down, several big changes are accelerating across the industry but what is driving this change? Will it slow down or continue to accelerate? Scott Brinker, the editor of chiefmartec.com and VP of Platform [...]