Cindy Krum

Cindy Krum, the visionary CEO and Founder of MobileMoxie, LLC, established the company in 2008. MobileMoxie is renowned for its exceptional mobile SEO & ASO consultancy, providing clients with cutting-edge online mobile marketing and SEO tools that are tailored to their needs. Cindy is deeply ingrained in the digital marketing and growth communities, and her unwavering passion lies in the dynamic field of mobile marketing.

Recognized as an influential figure, Cindy is highly sought after as a conference speaker, captivating audiences and imparting her expertise to in-house teams across the United States and beyond. Her dedication to knowledge-sharing extends to her role as faculty at Rutgers University, where she educates aspiring professionals in mobile marketing through the esteemed Digital Mini-MBA program. Excitingly, she will soon introduce a dedicated semester-long mobile marketing course to further empower students.

A topic that stirs Cindy’s excitement revolves around the remarkable advancements in digital assistants and their integration with search. She closely follows the progress in this domain, recognizing the transformative potential it holds for search experiences. Cindy eagerly embraces these developments and eagerly anticipates the future of digital assistants and their role in shaping the search landscape.

Cindy can be reached on Twitter @Suzzicks or via LinkedIn

Recent Shows with Cindy Krum
  • 665 | News from the EDGE | Week of 2.26.2024
    665 | News from the EDGE | Week of 2.26.2024665 | News from the EDGE | Week of 2.26.2024News / podcastGoogle Local Services Ads in the Hot Seat Welcome back to the EDGE! No Mordy this week, but no need to worry because the great Cindy Krum of MobileMoxie steps in. A glitch has infiltrated Google’s Local Services Ads and small business owners are NOT happy. Google feels that the U.S government ‘hate us cause they ain’t us’, as penalties pile up in post-trial brief. In AI news, Google strikes an AI content licensing deal with Reddit – who’s rankings have been off the charts… coincidence? Don’t miss the action this week, catch up on all the latest SEO news to help you excel each and every week right here on the EDGE! We’re bringing back the EDGE Newsletter!  Join us to catch these headlines and many of the others that didn’t make it to the show but were really interesting!  Your News(letter) from the EDGE awaits here! News from the EDGE: Google’s latest quest: Investigating a glitch in Local Services Ads Google also unveils its new AI Assistant called ‘Help Me Write’ for the Chrome Browser Here’s a hot take: “DON’T BLAME US IF WE HAVE SUCCESSFUL SEARCH RESULTS!” AI Blitz: Google explains Gemini’s ‘embarrassing’ AI pictures of diverse Nazis Tyler Perry halts studio expansion over AI fears Reddit signs AI content licensing deal with Google Barry Blast from Search Engine Roundtable: Google Most-Read Articles Search Carousel AI Tools: Alpaca: A Photoshop Plugin [...] February 27, 2024
  • 642 | The Future of SEO: AI to SGE | BrightonSEO US | Live From San Diego!
    642 | The Future of SEO: AI to SGE | BrightonSEO US | Live From San Diego!642 | The Future of SEO: AI to SGE | BrightonSEO US | Live From San Diego!podcastThe EDGE of the Web team ventured across the country to attend the inaugural BrightonSEO U.S conference in beautiful San Diego! This special podcast was filmed LIVE in front of an audience with 5 of the industry’s best as panelists. Witness industry experts collaborate in forecasting the unpredictable future of SEO. The panel evaluates the industry’s most disruptive topics, including Content at Scale, E-E-A-T, AI Generated Content, SGE, Google’s Knowledge Graph, and beyond, offering insights that light the path ahead. Do not miss this very special feature of The EDGE of the Web as we discover the true trajectory of our industry, and SEO’s unite to scale the expansive future ahead! Key Segments: Panel Segments How Can We Maintain Creative Control When Using AI To Operate At Scale?  The Journey Ahead For SEO’s As In Relation To Content How Ca n We Ensure The Accuracy And Reliability Of AI Generated Content?  The Expanding Google Knowledge Graph How Is Search Generative AI Going To Transform The Way We Search For Information?   How Will SGE Change Organic Links On The SERP? How Can SEO Tools Gauge The Success Of SEO Campaigns In The Context Of SGE?   The Future Of SEO In The Next 18 Months [...] November 20, 2023
  • 562 | How Google Has Learned with Voice Search w/ Cindy Krum
    562 | How Google Has Learned with Voice Search w/ Cindy Krum562 | How Google Has Learned with Voice Search w/ Cindy KrumInterview / podcastCan a Dog Eat an Avocado? And How Long Can Blue Cheese Stay in the Fridge? We’re talking voice search, the Internet of Things, and Google’s Multitask Unified Model with Cindy Krum on this episode of the EDGE. Her breadth of knowledge on these topics and ability to predict the future is nearly endless. So much so, in fact, some might call her the Nostradamus of SEO. Erin and Cindy dissect the difference between and the importance of Google’s transition from using a keyword-based understanding of the web to an entity understanding. This has major implications for both voice and mobile queries, not just SERPs. Lastly, we ask the hard-hitting questions here on the EDGE like, “Can a dog eat an avocado?” and “How long can blue cheese stay in the fridge?”  Google knows. Key Segments  Introducing guest Cindy Krum Voice Search and How It Relates to Entity SEO Right or Wrong Answers? Voice Search Learns The Canonical Question Google’s Dialog Flow Understanding Questions vs. Keywords Not Just Your Phone: Your Google Account is Constantly Learning The Internet of Things Can a Dog Eat an Avocado? Inferred Concepts Extrapolated from How It’s Talked About How Long Can Blue Cheese Stay in the Fridge? Multitask Unified Model Take the SE Ranking Checklist Challenge! Receive a one-month Pro 1000 subscription for completing this challenge when you go to and send a screenshot of these completed steps: Create a project, add at least 5 keywords; Find 5 competitors via the Competitive Research tool and add them to “My Competitors” section; Run a website audit and show what issue you are going to fix; Do a backlink check and upload your backlinks to the Backlink Monitoring tool; Add any page to Page Changes Monitor (Website Audit section) and show the graphs of the history of changes. One Edge Listener Will Get A Full Year Business Package.  We’ll Announce That On Our Feb 10th Podcast! A $2,500 Value! Content timeframe: 1/12/2023 to 2/10/2023. Trusting Google More What’s to Come in the Future? Mobile Moxie Tools     [...] January 14, 2023
  • 560 | Understanding the Knowledge Graph and Topic Layer w/ Cindy Krum
    560 | Understanding the Knowledge Graph and Topic Layer w/ Cindy Krum560 | Understanding the Knowledge Graph and Topic Layer w/ Cindy KrumInterview / podcastThe Portability of Concepts from the SEO Sherpa The SEO Sherpa, Cindy Krum, comes back to the EDGE loaded for bear!  It’s awesome to reflect on what Cindy talked about in 2018 and now in 2023.  She was spot on with Entities being the target of search engine optimization, and we cut back to that show just to reflect.  Erin and Cindy walk through the history of the portability of concepts in search, watching what Google is leveraging as it rolls out features and functions for content providers to test.  The Big G is always learning, and our job is feed the beast in order to win in search.  Cindy Krum is a stellar player in the SEO constellation, and we’re excited to unpack this first segment of her 2022 interview with us.  Be sure to check out the second episode coming shortly! Introducing Cindy Krum A Throwback Moment on Entities from the 2018 Show with Cindy What are Entities? Contextualizing the Cute Puppy Search How Does Google Define an Entity? Did Google Use Links to Understand Entities in the Early Days of Search? How has the Knowledge Graph Evolved? Mobile-First Indexing was a Misnomer.  It had to do with Portability Entities Being Language Agnostic: HREFLang What is Above the Knowledge Graph? The Topic Layer You Can Guarantee that there’s Another Training Benefit to What Google Rolls Out Moving from Monolithic to Micro Services Portability as it Applies to Passage Indexing   [...] January 9, 2023
  • 546 | News from the EDGE | Week of 11.14.2022
    546 | News from the EDGE | Week of 11.14.2022546 | News from the EDGE | Week of 11.14.2022News / podcastSpammy Schema will get a Manual Penalty? Cindy Krum jumps into the news with Erin to tackle the slew of news this week!  A little late, but still really important!  Erin blames his kids… Covering articles from Barry Schwartz, Mike Blumenthal, Roger Montti and Fili Wiese, we also jumped into a Twitter thread that revealed something very interesting!  Is there going to be a larger focus on structured data from Google to the degree of triggering manual penalties? As Cindy says. “The news this week kind of reinforces the idea that you are in Google’s results wherever you are at their leisure and at their discretion. And what they give, they can easily take away.”  Check your schema, all – it could be an issue. News from the EDGE: Almost all industries have seen a large increase in Google Cost-Per-Leads Twitter removes 80% of its contractor employees without notice GBP updates might eliminate your reviews. Have backups! Marketers are jumping on the Mastodon bandwagon. Should you? Social Thread: Spammy Schema will get a Manual Penalty?   Barry Blast from Search Engine Roundtable: Barry Blast 1: Google Ads Paying Advertisers $100 To Enroll In Automatically Applies Recommendations #StandwithUkraine   [...] November 17, 2022
  • EP 292: Mobile-First Indexing and Progressive Web Apps w/Cindy Krum
    EP 292: Mobile-First Indexing and Progressive Web Apps w/Cindy KrumEP 292: Mobile-First Indexing and Progressive Web Apps w/Cindy KrumpodcastGoogle is changing at a rapid pace – the top of the SERP doesn’t even feature websites anymore! They have been replaced by knowledge graph and other assets. It seems like Google doesn’t want to rank websites anymore, but why is that and what is actually going on? We reached out to Cindy Krum, the founder and CEO of MobileMoxie, as she and her team are full of mobile marketing experts. Cindy is a regular conference speaker at conferences like MozCon and SMX and is a great follow on Twitter! Also, did you hear how much money spent on digital advertising last quarter? Why is longer content performing better on YouTube and what will the future hold with voice assistants? All this and more, today on the EDGE! Sponsor EDGE of the Web is brought to you by Site Strategics and they are offering to help you find out your digital marketing ROI. The Digital Marketing ROI Report will examine your existing SEO, content, social media, and PPC to help you discover your TRUE ROI.   Download our show today or subscribe to our show on iTunes, Google Play, SoundCloud, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, or Stitcher! And now we’re on Spotify! [...] November 15, 2018