Google announced last week that they will begin highlighting reviews from other sources (like Facebook and Yelp) within the Knowledge Panel on desktop and mobile searches.

This new feature is called “Reviews From The Web” and it will bring up aggregated user rating of up to three different review sites to the Knowledge Panel for local places like shops, restaurants, parks, and more.

How to Add Reviews From The Web To Your Knowledge Panel

In order to be eligible for the new markup to appear in your company’s Knowledge Panel, you need to implement the review snippet markup, meet Google’s criteria, and add the Local Business markup to help Google match the review sites.

Here is an example, from Google, on how this new feature will look:


Critic Reviews to Knowledge Panel

Qualified Publishers can also participate in a new critic review feature in the local Knowledge Panel. This new section will have more of an editorial and opinionated review that comes from an editor or “on-the-ground expert.” If you want more information on how to add those critic reviews to your company’s Knowledge Panel, visit Google’s website here.

Here is an example of how the Critic Reviews will look in the Knowledge Panel: