Operating in a Data-Missing Marketing World

There was a huge bit of news that is stirring up a good deal of conversation in the SEO circles on social media. Patrick Stox and Ahrefs released a study representing almost 150,000 websites and nearly 9 billion total clicks for one month of data. He studied Google Search Console, and the clicks reported from the console were incredibly different from the click data available from the API call.  The conclusion?  Google Search Console hides the keyword term for 46.08% of clicks!

Some huge variations in these figures: two sites with traffic from 60 million to 100 million clicks showing 2.27% and 90.3% hidden terms, respectively.

How is this possible, and what are we in for now, seeing that we can’t even see the terms that are clicked on almost 50% of the time?  Listen as we unpack a shocking study today on the EDGE!




Check for YOUR Missing Data

Patrick Stox’s Data Studio Tool: edgeofthewebradio.com/missinggsc