Our Halloween 2022 Episode (yeah, it’s November, moving on) covering articles from MarTech, Android Police, Search Engine Land and Semrush.  We dug into a spooky article from Bruce Clay (much to Mordy’s chagrin) and provided an expose’ on the Semrush Zero-Click study from Marcus Tober.  He had a fantastic analysis at the end, right Mordy (wink)?   Seriously – a sizable study of 20,000 users click-stream on over 300,000 queries.  There is some very striking data about what zero-click really means and how it differs from the 2018 report on zero-clicks.  Make sure you check these links out!

News from the EDGE:

Barry Blast from Search Engine Roundtable:

  • [00:31:26] Barry Blast 1:  Keywords In Local Reviews Does Not Impact Google Local Rankings; Study Says – Link
  • [00:33:25] Barry Blast 2: Google Showing On Time Delivery & Order Accuracy Estimates In Search Ads – Link
  • [00:35:42] Barry Blast 3: Google: Human Written Content Doesn’t Necessarily Make The Content Useful Or Helpful – Link