Should SEOs Use Content/Chat AI Engines?

We just hit a new year, and like with every new year comes new SEO tips, tools, techniques, and upcoming trends to look out for. Mordy Oberstein and Erin Sparks explore all of the above in this information-packed episode. All while asking what your SEO resolution is for the new year.

Below are some highlights of the discussion:

  • Chat GPT for SEOs
  • Can AI chat threaten Google
  • Google’s recent location privacy settlements
  • The holidays delayed the latest Google algorithm/process updates
  • New product listing graphs with price history
  • John Mueller’s skill to know for 2023

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Should SEOs use Chat GPT for content creation? Or are there other ways it can be used (insert thinking face/chin scratch emoji)? Hit play now and join us on the first 2023 News from the EDGE podcast. . .

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News from the EDGE:

Barry Blast from Search Engine Roundtable:

  • [00:37:46] Barry Blast 1: Google’s Helpful Content and Link Spam updates were delayed due to the holidays.
  • [00:38:22] Barry Blast 2: Google’s Search Product Listings with price history graph
  • [00:38:25] Barry Blast 3: John Mueller of Google says that SEO skills needed for 2023 are “curiosity and persistence”