What’s one of the biggest Digital Marketing mistakes being made today? Spending all of your PPC dollars on Google and Facebook! You might be surprised how much of your audience are using Instagram, Quora, Waze, Reddit, Pinterest, Nextdoor, and others. And if you’re not including QUORA in your PPC plan, you’re missing out, especially with its ‘Promoted Answers’ feature! Our returning guest Joe Martinez, Director of Client Strategies at Clix Marketing, joins us in the studio to discuss all things PPC! 

Our expert Joe has been a speaker and writer for many of the various sites we follow, including Search Engine Land, Marketing Land, WordStream, SMX, PPCHero, and Quora.

Joe also has recently started his own podcast to teach the world about Paid Media!

This episode was so informative, we invited Joe back for a LIVE Q&A session with our Facebook and YouTube viewers. We took questions on the air and had Joe react to them, as well as scraping some questions from Twitter from followers who used the hashtag, #EDGETalk326
The bonus episode is available to all subscribers of our podcast, as well as available here: