Google Analytics Doomsday Clock

It’s time to move to GA4, folks!

Google Analytics 4 is upon us – and it’s time to get migrating! We cover a number of articles, but none more important than:

  1. Update your WPCode plugin now
  2. Get to GA4 fast…..the end is nigh!

Great articles from Roger Montti, Nicole Farley, and, of course, Barry Schwartz.

News from the EDGE:

Barry Blast from Search Engine Roundtable:

  • [00:26:39] Barry Blast 1: Is Google Search Rewriting More Titles Again?
  • [00:28:28] Barry Blast 2: Google Search Update Fixes Some Problematic Site Names
  • [00:29:55] Barry Blast 3: Many SEOs Are Worried About Their Jobs Since Generative AI & AI Search

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