Don’t Buckle Up! (Not Literally)

Incoming! New Google Review and Helpful Content update on the way, but this may be the last time you’re notified beforehand. Moving forward it seems that Google will refrain from announcing future updates as soon they are likely to be coming in real time. There’s big news in the marketing world as Meta and Amazon are joining forces to streamline the conversion process for advertisers. OpenAI takes further strides in the Artificial Intelligence race by poaching Google’s top AI researchers with monster contracts. Plus, Google releases the SGE wave across 120 new countries and territories across the globe. We’re all a bit jet lagged here but nevertheless, we’ve got all the best SEO news for you right here on The EDGE of the WEB!

News from the EDGE:

AI Blitz:

  • [00:22:03] Hollywood Actors Strike Ends With a Deal That Will Impact AI and Streaming for Decades
  • [00:26:12] OpenAI lures Google’s top AI researchers with multimillion-dollar offers
  • [00:27:08] Senate AI Insight Forum Considers Who’s Liable For AI Harm

AI Tools:

Barry Blast from Search Engine Roundtable:

  • [00:35:39] Google Expands Search Generative Experience To More Countries & Adds New Features
  • [00:37:09] Google’s 3 Pillars Of Search Ranking Via DOJ Documents