The Changing User Behavior and Their Content Needs

Garrett Sussman, Demand Generation Manager at iPullRank, continues his talk with Erin Sparks as they focus in on subject matter knowledge and meeting user, and client, behavioral needs. We explore the signals clients send when they’re looking elsewhere, and talk about his experience with Agency Ahead.

[00:04:59] Garret’s experience in mining subject matter knowledge from clients to flesh out the Buyer’s Journey
[00:06:50] The changing user behavior and subsequent content needs
[00:09:36] Leveraging an event to pivot a hard-headed client’s understanding of their consumer’s content needs
[00:11:07] Areas to avoid for first-time clients doing the User Persona / Buyer’s Journey exercise.
[00:20:55] How to know when a client starts looking at other agencies
[00:23:16] What Garrett learned from his 100 episode podcast run in one year.